Round 2: Bob Casey vs. Rick 'Religious Zealot' Santorum


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 - 12:00am

Round 2:  Bob Casey vs. Rick 'Religious Zealot' Santorum

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is where we find our next semi-competitive Senate race.  It pits Bob Casey (D) against the incumbent Senator Rick Santorum.  Bob Casey hold a very comfortable, double-digit lead over Santorum in current polling.  In the latest poll by Quinnipiac poll, Casey led 52 percent to 34 percent.  That may sound odd to hold an 18% lead over the incumbent Senator, but Rick Santorum is not your typical Senator.  In a nutshell, Santorum believes that gay people are going to hell, evolution is a fallacy, and that liberals create sexual molesters.

   In Pennsylvania, the key to any victory depends on your political affiliation.  If you're a Democrat, like Bob Casey, you must overwhelmingly win Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and then hold your own in the middle of the state.  It is said that once you get outside the Philadelphia area, you are basically in Alabama.  So even though Pennsylvania is a "blue" state, the middle of it is completely red.

Philadelphia is the largest city in PA and has a very large African-American population.  As I'm sure you know, African-Americans vote Democrat by an extremely wide margin.  This is why you will see the black woman in this video of Casey's background story.  Bob Casey needs the black vote to win this election

   Rick Santorum's problem is that he is completely intolerant of others.  He has even turned Republicans against him.  Santorum believes that sodomy laws rightfully exist because they protect the family.  His rationale is that sodomy "undermines the basic tenets of our society and family.  Santorum also compared a Democratic fight to keep a filibuster to the Nazis and he believes women belong in the home.

If that isn't bad enough, Santorum blamed the Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal on the media, academia, and liberals in Massachusetts.  His argument was that priests were affected by the liberal culture of the area and that is what forced them to sexually abuse 12-year old boys.  When given the chance to retract these insane statements, Santorum declined.  So he honestly believes that the people of Boston are to blame for priests molesting kids.

Fortunately, most people in PA have figured out that Santorum is not right in the head.  Bob Casey will be an acceptable replacement and strike a more moderate tone in the Senate.  My prediction is that this race will not be competitive and that Casey will win by 20 percent.


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