Republican Attack Machine Continues to Target Veterans


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Saturday, June 17, 2006 - 12:30pm

Republican Attack Machine Continues to Target Veterans

The Republican leadership makes themselves out to be very supportive of the troops and of vets.  They belittle Democrats for being unpatriotic and unsupportive of the military.  Unfortunately, the GOP is only on the side of the military if they keep their mouth shut.  Anyone who dares speak out against the war or against neo-conservatives gets a taste of the Republican attack dogs.

   This despicable campaign targets anyone who stands against them.  It started with John McCain, a decorated veteran and POW who ran for President in 2000.  After McCain won the New Hampshire primary, George Bush, Karl Rove, and their people launched a smear campaign against McCain, accusing him of fathering an illegitimate black baby, questioning his war record, and telling voters he was not sane.  After that vilification, McCain lost the next primary and Bush went on to win the nomination and presidency.

Two years later, the same attack machine went after Max Cleeland, a decorated war veteran who served his country admirably in Vietnam and elsewhere.  As a result of malicious and false personal attacks by the GOP, Cleland lost his Senate seat to the Republican challenger.

In 2004, the machine was back at it again, attacking the war record of John Kerry.  Senator Kerry also served in Vietnam admirably, but that didn't stop the thugs in leadership from attacking his record.  A partisan "Swift Boat" commercial was launched against Kerry, which was wrought with inaccuracies, fabrications, and lies.  The fictional commercial was shown everywhere by the so-called liberal media and Kerry went down in defeat.

   Now the personal attacks are focused on John Murtha, a Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania.  Murtha dared to speak out against the war, heaven forbid, and is now the recipient of vicious smear tactics by the GOP attack dogs.  Murtha served as a Marine for 37 years.  He also served in Vietnam and received many medals for serving his country.  However, that doesn't matter to those who want to discredit his service.  It started with Jean Schmidt (R-OH), an unknown Congresswoman who has never served her country.  They used her to call Murtha a "cut and run coward" in a speech on the House floor.

Since the Schmidt comment, it has only gotten worse for John Murtha.  Conservative news services have claimed that Murtha didn't deserve his Purple Hearts while in Vietnam and that he lied in order to get the medals at all.  This is the same exact tactic the dogs used against Kerry.

Yesterday, on the House floor, the attack machine used another relatively unknown Congressman to smear John Murtha.  Representative Gohmert (R-TX), who also has never served his country, gave a speech on the House floor in which he said of Murtha, "Thank God he was not here and prevailed after the bloodbaths of Normandy and in the Pacific or we would be here speaking Japanese or German."

It should be noted that Murtha's father and three of his brothers all served during World War II.  Murtha and his family have served admirably throughout American history and the people that attack him personally have never even picked up a gun to stand a post.  Jean Schmidt and Gohmert are just pawns that are being used by Bush, Rove, and Cheney.  The only one of those five to ever serve was Bush, who hid in the National Guard for a few years to avoid going to war.  Cheney received five deferments to ensure he would never serve.

What's disappointing is that voters are buying this crap hook, line, and sinker.  Conservatives, who should be able to think for themselves, now believe that McCain, Cleland, Kerry, and Murtha are just crazy people who never did anything for their country.  Conservatives have bought these fabricated stories of the GOP attack machine and have helped bury men who were brave enough to serve out country and strong enough to speak out against these evil people.


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