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Sunday, January 6, 2007 - 7:30pm

Fox News Excludes Ron Paul from Debate

Despite polling more than three times higher than Fred Thompson in New Hampshire and soundly defeating Rudy Giuliani in Iowa, Congressman Ron Paul has been excluded from tonight's Fox News debate.  The New Hampshire Republican Party withdrew their sponsorship of the debate as a result of Fox's censorship.


Fox News gave no rationale as to why they excluded Dr. Paul, but it seems clear that the network executives do not care for his position on the Iraq war.  Fox also excluded Ron Paul from the results in the Iowa straw poll in the picture here.  Dr. Paul came in fourth place with 9.1% of the vote, but Fox didn't even list him.


What's frightening is that a major television network can willfully exclude a presidential candidate because they don't agree with his views.  Apparently, freedom and democracy do not exist on Fox News.


For his part, Dr. Paul decided to hold a town hall meeting in New Hampshire at the same time as the debate.  Paul also challenged Fox News on the notion that they are conservative at all.  The network is simply a propagandist for war, according to the Congressman.  It's hard to argue against him there.


This is further proof that Fox News is a complete JOKE.  Why people watch this garbage is beyond me.  They'd be better off living in a communist country to watch state-run television.


Hopefully, the voters of New Hampshire will see past this censorship from Fox and throw their support behind the good Congressman from Texas.


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