Death Comes to Us All...



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Friday, December 29, 2006 - 7:30pm

Death Comes to Us All...

For Saddam Hussein, it comes sooner rather than later.  The former leader of Iraq is set to be executed tonight and the hour could not come soon enough.  The murdering dictator will be hanged after being found guilty of killing 148 people in 1982.  It was just one of many crimes Hussein committed during his reign.


 I am not a big fan of capital punishment.  Anytime you let the government legally execute people, you are asking for trouble.  History shows us that the judicial system is flawed and mistakes are often made.  In addition, our very own government has already demonstrated the willingness to lie, cheat, and deceive in order to further their tyrannical goals.


All that being said, I am willing to make an exception in the case against Saddam Hussein.  Even if only 1/100th of what the U.S. government tells us about Saddam is true, he should still die for his heinous crimes.  He's had it coming for a long, long time.


Unfortunately, Saddam's death will not change anything on the ground in Iraq.  American soldiers will still be in danger and the civil war will rage on.  George Bush, the American dictator, will declare Saddam's death a success in the war on terror, but we all know that not to be true.


Hussein's death will be a positive for the world, but there are many more dictators that are ready to fill the void that Saddam vacated.  Much more needs to be done to eradicate them for good.


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