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Saturday, January 27, 2007 - 10:15am

Different Defense Secretary, Same BS

While politicians debate the merits of George Bush's troop surge, Defense Secretary Robert Gates is making a nonsensical argument to anyone that will listen.  Gates claims that the Iraq resolution "emboldens the enemy and our adversaries."  He went on to say that the resolution tells the generals on the ground that they can't have the resources they need.


 We have heard this crap before.  Anytime anyone in the United States dares to question the maniacal leadership of the administration, the administration runs out their minions to say that we're emboldening the enemy.  Apparently Gates and the others forget that they are promoting democracy in Iraq...ya know, that's where people are allowed and encouraged to speak their mind.  It's a tough concept for anyone in this administration to wrap their arms around.  They love democracy so long as the people do and say what they want.


Secretary Gates also left out the part where the generals on the ground don't want or need more troops.  Nearly everyone outside this administration is against this troop surge, including military commanders.  Unfortunately, these commanders are not allowed to publicly speak out against their boss, the commander in chief, so Secretary Gates likes to use them in his argument, knowing they won't talk back.  Off the record, however, the military brass will tell you that the troop surge is a horrible idea.


Secretary Gates appears to be reading from the same script they gave Donald Rumsfeld.  If he doesn't start doing something differently, our boys will still be stuck in Iraq for four more years.


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