Are the Republicans Planning to Reduce Troops Ahead of Election?


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 - 12:00am

Are the Republicans Planning to Reduce Troops Ahead of Election?

The Republicans have been referring to the Democrats' strategy in Iraq as 'cut and run', but have secretly been planning on reducing troops ahead of the mid-term elections in November.  The GOP is in trouble and what better way to win an election than to temporarily bring some troops home.  President Bush keeps making the convenient statement that he will draw down troops when the situation on the ground improves, but he can't make that argument anytime soon.

   It is deplorable that politicians of any party would use troop levels to help win an election, but that appears to be the case.  If anything, the number of troops on the ground in Iraq should increase, not decrease.  The rationale for this, as stated in previous posts, is to gain control of the country.  When you reduce the number of troops, you expose the forces that remain to greater risk.

The Republicans may win the election in November, but they will do so at the peril of the young men and women serving their country. 

Now it seems that the GOP is the 'cut and run' party.  I don't particularly agree with the strategy of redeployment that the Democrats have proposed, but at least they recognize that the situation in Iraq is a mess and debate some sort of change.  The White House and Republican Congressman have been calling the Democrats a bunch of cowards all week, but now they are doing exactly what they have been criticizing the left for.  Talk about hypocrites. 

After learning of the planned troop reduction, the Democrats took the angle that they were right all along about reducing troop levels.  Unfortunately, the Democrats are wrong....again. 

What both sides are missing is that the violence is still escalating and will get even worse when we take troop levels down.  The Iraqi military is not ready to take control of their country yet.  Bringing soldiers home will just invite terrorists and insurgents to attack more often.

If we reduce the number of troops in Iraq before the elections, more American soldiers will die.  It's that simple.  I would love to bring everybody home right now, but that just isn't possible.  We should never have been there in the first place, but we need to stay until we fix what Bush screwed up.


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