Turks Preparing to Invade Northern Iraq



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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 - 11:15pm

Turks Preparing to Invade Northern Iraq

If you thought the situation in Iraq couldn't get any worse, think again.  The nation of Turkey has amassed 140,000 troops on their southern border with Iraq.  That is roughly equivalent to the number of American forces in Iraq.  The Turks have been feuding with the Kurds in Iraq for years and it is beginning to boil over.


 See, Iraqi Kurdistan has these fighters called the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party).  These PKK members cross the border into Turkey and kill Turkish soldiers and civilians.  Not surprisingly, Turkey doesn't much care for that and are now chomping at the bit to do a little damage to the Kurds.  Of course, the United States doesn't want the Turks to invade northern Iraq, because that would be a nightmare of epic proportions for the Middle East.


Turkey is currently pressuring the United States to take out the PKK bases in northern Iraq, but President Bush has thus far declined.  However, if Bush does not act, he runs the risk of a Turkish invasion and a second front to the war.


One of the arguments to keep American forces in Iraq is so that all hell doesn't break loose.  Unfortunately, it looks like all hell is going to break loose regardless.  It's best we leave and get out of the way.


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