Court Rules Bush Administration's Wiretapping Violated Law


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Friday, August 18, 2006 - 12:30am

Court Rules Bush Administration's Wiretapping Violated Law

Tell me something I didn't know.  A U.S. district court ruled yesterday that the Bush Administration's five year long wiretapping program violated freedom of speech and violated against unreasonable searches as protected by the Constitution.  In the ruling, the judge said that "There are no hereditary kings in America..."  Telling, isn't it?  The Bush people will appeal the ruling and continue to wiretap without court approval, as has been their practice for the last five years.  They will not stop until they have delayed and exhausted every possible legal avenue.


   Their defense is, of course, the threat of terrorism.  It is the most laughable defense of all time.  Subverting the courts, trampling on the Fourth Amendment, and ignoring the Constitution is just fine with this administration.  The politics of terror have been used to death by this government, but the public buys it over and over again. 


The Democrats run on anger and the Republicans run on fear.  You must give up your rights to the government because their might be another terrorist attack!  It just doesn't make any sense.  The secret court approves 99% of all requests that are submitted.  They will give you a warrant to wiretap virtually anyone.  All they ask is that you come before them and ask for one.  They even let you ask for it 72 hours after the fact if it is an emergency.  This law exists so that you don't go wiretapping your political opponents or anyone else where there is no cause.  What this government did was decide that it didn't want to be bothered with the court.


The judge has spoken and another judge will issue the same ruling on the appeal.  Bush violated the law, pure and simple.  If you want to wiretap, you must get a warrant.  It's not a difficult concept and it has been followed by every President until this one.


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