Bush Strenuously Objects to Judge's Ruling


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Saturday, August 19, 2006 - 12:00am

Bush Strenuously Objects to Judge's Ruling

This is getting quite comical now.  Bush strongly disagreed with the court decision that ruled he broke the law by wiretapping without a warrant.  It's really absurd.  It reminds me of Demi Moore in A Few Good Men when she strenuously objected to the judge's decision.  She looked like a complete fool in that scene, so I figured it was appropriate.

   Again, it's really simple.  If you're going to wiretap, go get a warrant.  Go through the FISA court.  It is the law.  There is no way around it.  Perhaps the Bush administration is simply trying to play politics with this issue long enough to get them through the mid-term elections.  They have filed an appeal, so they haven't officially broken the law until their appeals are exhausted.  Of course, they break the law all the time, so what difference does it make.


Bush's approval rating is holding around 37%, but it is baffling that it is even that high.  What are these people thinking that actually approve of this guy.  We find out he broke the law and his backers still defend him.  I'm sure they think courts are just stacked with liberal judges and that he didn't really break the law.


Unfortunately, the courts have been moving more conservative for a number of years now.  Republican politicians have made it a goal to appoint many more conservatives to the bench in the district court system and have succeeded to a large extent.  They've even made the Supreme Court more conservative.  So the argument against the courts just doesn't hold water.


The fact is that this administration is more corrupt than Nixon's.  Although, some conservatives I talk to still think Nixon was a great President.  I guess they missed the quote stating that no matter what crimes you commit as President, it isn't breaking the law because you are the President.  Nice, huh?  Just want we want in a leader.  The sad part is that the current administration is 100 times worse than Nixon's, which is really hard to do.


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